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Well we have been around since 1997, although we have been in the photographic industry for around 30 years, one way or another. We have always specialized in consumables such as film (remember that ??) wedding albums, presentation products, output items such as inkjet …  you get the idea…

Well hasn’t it all changed over the last few years – quite scary really, but we need to change to survive, and Foto Source has adapted during the last few years to the switch to digital , the demise of Spicer Hallfield, and so on ..

One thing that hasn’t changed is flexibility and service, where you can speak to a human being to discuss your requirements and options. Some presentation products can be bought with a “click”, but the professional photographer normally needs more than a basic product to impress their client.

We are here to help and welcome your call

Foto Source Ltd

Tel       07971 165151


Click to Email –  mike@fotosource.co.uk